WE HAD ALWAYS SERVED HEALTHY TAPAS SINCE THE BEGINNING. We boycotted having a fryer. We made all of our sauces and dressing from scratch using fresh ingredients. We opted to grill most of our meats and vegetables instead of braising, baking or frying. We thought this was healthy until we took it to the next level this year and decided to change to an all vegan menu following our own dietary philosophy.


We have spent the past two years shifting our food choices closer to a whole food plant based lifestyle for so many reasons; health obviously, the environment, destruction of our natural resources like rain forests, protection of ocean life which in turn influences the whole ecosystem, carbon emissions, biodiversity, abuse of animals, the list is endless.


We now realize that the healthier we eat, the purer the food we put in our bodies, the more balance we maintain mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We also believe strongly that eating a whole foods plant based diet doesn’t have to be boring. Often times vegans/vegetarians are stigmatized by the general population for being a tea drinking, tree hugging, yoga obsessed, rabbit food eating minority group. We believe that healthy eating should coincide with healthy partying too! We like to maintain a lounge vibe at Katharos with music, partying, dancing, and drinking cocktails combined with whole food plant based nutritional choices. Doesn’t that sound perfect!